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PEDIATRIC 2012 MATCH INTERVIEWS for IMGs - shankar1415
Hi peeps hope you all have applied .... let us keep ourself updated on news on interviews

applied to programs : 150

creds : 99/99 step 2 cs - Awaiting scores MD in pediatrics in India

So far : 1 rejection from Indiana
Are all 150 peds progs?
yah man all peds
Whats your YOG ?
add me to
Hi everyone,

Applied only to 50 programs, all peds

Credentials: US Citizen IMG, YOG 2006, 91/99/CS/Step 3 will take (all first attempt), 4 years as a Clinical Research Coordinator at New York Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia University) in Pediatric Emergency Medicine and Pediatric Gastroenterology. USCE: Observership in Pediatric Gastroenterology for 2 months. Publications: 2 peer-reviewed (Academic Emergency Medicine Journal), 3 abstracts, 3 posters presentations.

So far no IV's or Rej, but then again it's only been the first day

Let's keep this thread alive!
great creds neurosynapsis, wish u all the best ... especially from columbia or cornell. i had 3 pubs in american journal of med genetics, 1 in nature genetics and 1 review article in an indian journal; hopefully they will consider my thesis during MD peds in india as research ....... but need visa .. so let's see

and hey synapsis how is the cornell and columbia program ??
I know that Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of NY (Columbia)is a pretty decent program and all AMG's, not sure for cornell though. The hospital serves a very large hispanic community. Even though they post on the website that they accept IMG's, but in reality I have not seen at least one in my 4 years of working there.

I was going to apply there and move influcences, but unfortunately I do not meet one of their requirements (less than 3 years of graduation from med school), Sad
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