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PEDIATRIC 2012 MATCH INTERVIEWS for IMGs - shankar1415
Don't worry mate, hope for the best !!
hey shankar1415, your credentials are awesome! and wish you the best of luck as well!
thx ppl ..... plz keep this thread alive ..... hopefully this will relieve any nervous breakdowns :p
How do you know whether is it rejected?
they replied they were unable to offer an interview
Hi friends,
I applied to 30 programs in NY and NJ.. My creds step1-99, CS 1st attempt, CK results awaited (delayed coz of new pattern). YOG -2003, PG in India- DCH, DNB. No USCE, no publications, only research exp is in thesis. GC holder. Am not much hopeful as CK results will probably take another 4 weeks. Let's hope for the best.

Hope this thread stays alive unlike previous ped residency thread by yay.
Thx for the contribution pbnsatya ..... well we all have some probs with our CV ... like for me .. no step 2 cs results ... so don't worry ... and anywayz ur a GC holder so that goes a loooong way .........

and just one more thing ... why only 30 programs ?? ... r u geographically restricted ?
88/99/cs passed, all 1st attempt.
YOG 2009
ongoing observership
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