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PEDIATRIC 2012 MATCH INTERVIEWS for IMGs - shankar1415
best of luck mydream270 ... may ur dreams be fullfilled Smile ..... where u doin ur observership ?? how many programs u applied ?
94/99 cs passes first attempt
YOG 2010
3 mo USCE observerships ( all in medicine and sub specialty)
3 mo research
Publications : one poster
applied 30 programs (plan b)
@shankar1415, yes, I have geographic restrictions.. That's why few programs.
Friends, plz share info on where all I can apply for ped Observership in NYC. Also inputs on img friendly programs in ny nj. thanks and Gud luck!!
thx for sharing peace .... great creds and well with research iam sure ur gonna get through ... where did u do research ?? .....

@pbnsatya --- try emailing ppl in NYMC (westchester medical center), newyork presbytarian cornell or columbia campus and St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center .... i think they might have observerships ... hope it helps
OMG this is scary
yog 2002
Scores in 80 attempt in cs
not sure if i shoud think of peds after seeing you ppl..
some posters and publication .
img ...
don't worry "sinner" .... scores are'nt everything ... u have publication that boosts ur cv .. so hope for the best !!!

Hey ppl any rejections, interviews yet ????
not yet, I am on a constant lookout for any of those, clicking the refresh button every other minute on ERAS and on my email account, ridiculous!!
lol same here man!!! can't seem to get sleep .

hey any of u guys knw anything about ..... combined pediatrics/medical genetics programs ??

thx for the info.. i'll surely try. Regarding emails, shud i send it to pediatric program co-ordinator email id, coz that the one that's commonly given in the websites.
Combined Peds/ Med genetics is highly can try if you have research experience in genetics with publications
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