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PEDIATRIC 2012 MATCH INTERVIEWS for IMGs - shankar1415
#31 would be better if you can go and talk to them in person...PC generally don't answer during this can also try to get in touch of faculty and ask them for position.
Final Year UK Medical Student with US undergraduate degree

96/98/CS all first attempt
US Citizen
2 months of US Clinical Electives all in Peds including 1 month of Acting Internship
2 Summers of Pediatric Cardiology Research at Johns Hopkins and other small research at Undergraduate School.
2 Publications (One as 1st author and other 2nd author) and 1 poster presentation

Got a bit paranoid and applied to 115 programs. No interviews or rejections so far. Fingers crossed. Best of luck everyone Smile
@killertcell, your credentials and experience are sure to get you many IVs. All the best to you! I read u'r reply for Observership query as I too was looking for some USCE. I guess your advice will help.

Also, Thx to hmedicine for advice on Observership.

Waiting for Tuesday to see more action on application! Good luck every one!

Thank you so much Satya. You are too kind. At least everything is out of our hands now, praying to higher powers! I hope that my post on Observerships was helpful. Best of luck with your observership search and the match. I am sure many interviews will come your way as well. All it takes is one PD to like you Smile Can't wait till Tuesday Smile
one rejection from university of new mexico
I received the email 3 hours ago.

I didn't expect to receive anything on labor day!!!

cred:88/99/cs first att, certified ,ongoing observership, visa status: on EAD
forget to add YOG is 2009

here the message that I got:

Thank you for your interest in and application to our pediatric residency
program. Your file has been received and reviewed through ERAS. However, we
are unable to grant you an interview. We wish you the best in your residency

Susan L. Quintana
Sr. Residency Coordinator
Dept. of Pediatrics
Univ. of New Mexico Children's Hospital
What!!! a rejection on a Holiday!!! that is very odd!!

On the other hand, University of New Mexico is also a very competitive program, but for sure with your credentials you will get very decent interviews. Good luck!
hi friends....
i am a img frm india.
yog- 2007
step 1 - 98. ck - 99, cs passed.
ecfmg certified.
planning to take step 3 this oct end.
did DCH ( 2 yr ped residency ) in india.
2 oral presentations and nothing more.
applied 86 ped programs.
still usmle transcript not uploaded to eras postoffice.
no rejections and iv till now.
what r my chances for matching.... pl reply.
u all have a very strong profile.... all the best every one
hi ferrari2011,

your credentials are outstanding, specially with a previous peds residency training, you should get lots of interviews as well!
Any ivs/rej today?
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