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PEDIATRIC 2012 MATCH INTERVIEWS for IMGs - shankar1415
not yet, still on the lookout.
nothing yet. Some programs are still retrieving documents.
82 step 1/94 CK/ CS passed 2dn attempt
YOG 2008
1 month Observership in Infectious Desease
1 oral presentation
Need visa
i'll send my application today to 80 hosp.
what you think? pls reply Smile
alpplied to 45 Peds programs....
84/88 , cs all first attempt,YOG 2006 , Step 3 need to be taken .Permanent resident IMG.
Working in research since 3 yrs...2 peer reviewed publications and 2 posters and abstracts.
USCE :observership in allergy clinic since 3 months...

Keep me in this thread with you all.
hi guys with not so good cv would the attending (observerhip ) from university hospital, call the program director will it help any?
@ neurosynapsis.
thank u for ur encouraging words.
ur profile is also very very good.

all the best.
add me... "seasoned graduate"
98/98/cs/92 cert, GC. some research, some usce, yog: 2001
applied to ~80 peds (and some im/fm) on 9/1 .... gawd awful silence since then!!

@sinner.... absolutely.... contacts is key in this competitive process.
do u get carpal tunnel syndrome from pressing ur browser's reload button ?

it gets worse, I am about to brace myself with a wrist splint, LOL!
Acknowledgement univ of buffalo
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