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PEDIATRIC 2012 MATCH INTERVIEWS for IMGs - shankar1415
Hello friends,

I am with you. I have applied 24 peds program..
My credentials step1 99, step 2- 88, CS awaiting for result, have research experience in home country for few months. Worked on two project and one among them is submitted to the journal. rite now doing observership in new york..

Same here got acknowledgement from Baffalo..

All the best for everyone here.
95/95/79 CS pass. YOG 2007
Got 1 rejection
UTMB Galveston
Got my first interview invite. UMDNJ! No rejections thus far. The first invite is such an incredible feeling. Thank you God! Best of luck everyone!
@ Killertcell, congrats. when did you get an interview? If you don't mind then may I know your credentials?
Thank you guys/gals. I got it half an hour ago around 1:30 PM - Eastern Standard Time.

My credentials

96/98/CS all first attempt
Final year medical student at UK. YOG = 2012
US Citizen
2 months of US Clinical Electives all in Peds including 1 month of Acting Internship
2 Summers of Pediatric Cardiology Research at Johns Hopkins and other small research at Undergraduate School.
2 Publications (One as 1st author and other 2nd author) and 1 poster presentation
@killertcell congrats! which umdnj program?

Which UMDNJ program? is it the one in Newark or Camden?

I applied to the Newark Program, so let's see if any news today!
so funny we share similar credentials, except that I am a 2006 Grad Sad
UMDNJ - Newark! I am sure despite the YOG, you guys will do exceptionally well in the match. Good luck. I'll keep you guys posted if anything else comes my way.
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