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PEDIATRIC 2012 MATCH INTERVIEWS for IMGs - shankar1415
when did you submit the application? UMDNJ downloaded my docs on 09-02-2011 12:26 pm and I applied @ 8:30ish AM on 09-01-11
I applied around 9:15ish AM on 09-01-11. They downloaded the last bit (USMLE Transcript) on 09-02-2011 1:02 pm.
Don't stress out Neuro. I am sure there is no reason or method to this madness. Plenty of good news will be coming your way soon Smile I know're a stellar candidate!! Hang tight! Smile
@contact99,I see that you are on EAD.Where you able to pick the option of EAD on your CAF?When you view your CAF now what does it say on the question that asks for "will you require visa sponsorship"? Thanks for your anticipated response.
Congrats Killertcell!! when is the interview?
I sent an email requesting mid-November timish. But I haven't heard anything back though.
Thx killertcell, best of luck for the interview. I was just curious to know roughly the timing of interviews, coz if i get one, i need some time to prepare.
@pbnsatya They start in mid November and last one is Mid January time. So you have plenty of time to prepare...don't worry Smile
Thats reassuring killertcell, now i hve to worry about getting IVs . Smile
I'm sure the interviews will start rolling in as soon as your CK scores come Smile Best of luck!
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