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Psychiatry Rejection & Interview thread - examusmle

man your credential are more than fine for psych and i am quite sure that you are going to get good chances the next weeks plz dont get disappointed Smile
by the way guys ... what was the reason for rej?
anybody got invitation from uni of kansas . I have one on sep 30th anyone interested to practice iv please send me a massage [email protected]

what are your creds?
Please listen to this song. Indian Pakistanis... Himesh produces good songs...

I wish Elmhusrt could invite.... If they would then I think I will be a winner in this season. ): All those invited from Elmhurst are great!

Meri gali aja ve mahya! Salman Khan....
@ how63
Sept 30th!!! how it can be possible?

familiar with a concept called "lies"
Step1 - 253, Step 2CK - Pending , Step2 CS first attempt - Pass, YOG 07, MPH (Harvard). No Interviews!

27 Applications.
One rejection - Colorado Denver - YOG filter.

Will apply to more once my CK score arives.
Thank god!
First interview - Harvard south shore residency,MA

congratulations ....can u share us your credentials?
rej from 2 program so far.

1-Univ of utah

No Iv so far.Applied to 40 program.
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