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Psychiatry Rejection & Interview thread - examusmle
Good luck to all.....!
Hey guys,

Considering long weekend, tomorrow might be a busy day for most of the programs to download the remaining documents, sending IVs/Rejection letters etc.

I just want to prepare us for the next phase our lives. We have crossed 3/4th of the ocean and it is a lot easier to swim against the tide for another 1/4th, instead of deciding to go back. (Because the return journey would be much more challenging if you try to cover the 3/4th distance when you are so exhausted)

Please don't be put off by rejection letters. Try to accept it just as a part of the process of getting into residency eventually. Try to stay away from people who tries to put you down.

Please don't feel bad for things we cant change anymore, e.g YOG, results with low scores etc. It is not the end of the world. Instead, Try to work on personal statements, English language,
communication skills, future exams (in case if you haven't yet done CK, CS or Step 3) etc. in order to maximize your chances to be short listed. For those who need visa, you can still make it happen by giving your best shot for step 3.

Above all, don't wait until you receive an interview letter in order to start preparing for the interview. If you have no more exams to take, keep an optimistic mind and start practicing for interviews right away. You won't be able to forgive yourself if you didn't perform well in the interview, simply because you wasted all your precious time brooding about why you were not
invited for the interview until then. Starting anything new 11th hour, will not have a desirable outcome most of the times.

You might be a recent graduate with stellar profile, which will only carry you until the stage of getting interviews. But, once landed in the interview room, the final determining factor would be based on what comes out of your mouth. Even in the interview just try and be yourself. Answer to the point. Use simple sentences. Try not to pay too much attention on the accent, if that's what you have got used to already. We can't fake anything which we are not, especially with many panel members and 8 hours long interviews.

So, we should constantly work on how to improve the over all personality, which will automatically show up during the interviews. It will be much easier if we rather integrate those qualities in us as a part of our personality. That is the core of what programs are looking
for, more than our credentials.

Remember, all we need is just ONE interview to prove yourself. If we work hard towards our
goals with determination we will definitely get what we want in life.

@exam uncle

you swam 3/4th of ocean and 15 times the time required to win the race ==> you are about to drown soon....1996 with a single step -- you got some balls to even dream to match

this country doesnt need low caliber idiots who take 15x the time a normal smart applicant like me would take...shut the f*ck up and seek a technician course...bloody low caliber shit!
can u pls forward img friendly list plss....
to my mail bhanu.mbbs2k3
just sent you email...take care

what are your scroes btw?
I am a great fan of you MR./MRS/?? cyclepsychkal. I take this ooportunity to ask your credentials BTW.

my credentials are in several a bit and find them...good luck!
thanx for the affirmative response.keep doing that, it will help you out.

no are week will be crucial...
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