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Psychiatry Rejection & Interview thread - examusmle
First rejection- Univ of Massachussets
hey guys though i have not applied for psychiatry i just wanted to know how u come to know bout inv/rejections..
n all d best to all of u here!!
You will get an email and/or msg in ERAS.
I got IV from Nassau University Medical Center Program, East Medow, New York. It was last on my list "to apply" programs. But I am happy I got one, wasn't expecting even that.
congrats morris81 and i hope all of us applicant in psychiatry to get our desired interviews Smile
morris would you share with us your credentials?
Do you have any ideas when most of the programs are sending interviews?I applyed for 65 programs and got just one rejection for now and as i see in this post there are not too many people who received interviews or rejections jet.
I applied to 64 and havent recived anything yet

98,99 cs second attempt.and YOG 2004, NO USCE or US nothing great.
morris that is great credential indeed
for me its 99,97,cs all first attempts YOG 2007 , NO USCE, one US LOR and visa is required
ha..with one attempt on CS...I wonder. Probably the program is even worse than anticipated to have called me. And I need visa too. What might have helped me is step 3 with 88.
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