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INTERNAL Medicine 2012 . Interviews/ Rejections - houstonpass
Title is self explanatory. Anyone get rejections ?
I have a silent inbox so far! lol
Think its a bit too early but so far no invites and no rejections, but I can hear them coming :-) just hope the roar of invites out shadows the rejections. lol
creighton IM...on the 2nd day..silent afterwards.
@Fambondi - lol. I hope so too. My fear is getting a bunch of rejections and no interviews Tongue

I applied yesterday to more progs - hope its not too late.
@houstonpass: Yea, I have been thinking the same as well, not sure though....this match business is quite tricky. Some programs are yet to download my app, others are acting erratically, downloading some documents and leaving some behind only to come download them later.

Lets just pray hard and I wish everyone the best of luck
I know...York, PA downloaded everything but my usmle transcript????

Maybe they were stunned by my pic, they decided not to bother with score ? lol
and am the only loser who is tracking her documents every hour over the long weekend?
@houstonpass- LMFAO you are cracking me up. You got a point though, I am a bit skeptical about uploading my picture, I gave my best smile in the picture- it could pass for a toothpaste commercial.

Do not mean to belittle myself, but I am not the most good looking chap on the planet, though I am a very pleasant fellow, unfortunately pictures cannot convey this. PC may see my pic and think..hmmm okay this one may scare patients away and give em a hard
hi...did ny and pa retreive their app. as i applied in sep 1 and new york is the least state retreiving my applications
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