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INTERNAL Medicine 2012 . Interviews/ Rejections - houstonpass
@genina yea a significant number of programs have not yet retrieved my app...esp in ny and pa....i think about 40 percent have retrieved..but like I said its still early days...they will download and then the bullets will start lets sit tight relax our minds and get ready.
@fambondi--relax! I know you are kidding, but just so you know, I read somewhere that to prevent discrimination based on looks... they get to see your pic. only after they have selected you for an interview... :-)
thanks...w are ready for these bullets...gooooooooooood luuuuuuuuuuck
i dont even think 40% have downloaded my app. did you apply to Illionis? I have one school that downloaded!
yea I applied to IL, some have downloaded others not.
what bout cook county
no not yet...
Silent inbox.. No IVs or Rejections yet !
do not panic guys...

Enjoy long weekend...stay stress free...

they ll download application at their own time and and you wont be able to push them either Smile

btwn cook county has retrieved my application...
jayhind and fambondi (btw im too lazy to type your whole name, ill call u and fa from now onWink)

when did u guys apply to cooks county.
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