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INTERNAL Medicine 2012 . Interviews/ Rejections - houstonpass
Jersey Shore do not sponsor either..

you have to do a careful search before applying anywhere. Best deal is to give a call to programs and know criteria.

you could have invested those bucks in other programs..
@ phx, amy : when did they retreive your application? my gc is pending so don't know if they will reject me based on that
True, Capital health also rejected my friend, he also needs visa.

I didnt receive anything on my end so far. total silence
got rej fm capital health nj.
anyone get interview from capital health?
Rejection frm capital health nj...
No reason...I don need visa and good scores..
they didnt evne download my usmle transcript!!!
and my hubby is a born us citizen with double 99 , he got rejected too
guess its more based on volume then !
am i the only one that feels really bad to get rejected?
i know its obvious a majority will reject me, but i feel so inferior Sad
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