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INTERNAL Medicine 2012 . Interviews/ Rejections - houstonpass
actually its my fault...match a resident clearly mentions that they do not sponsor(does not include it in img friendly list) ...and still i din frikkin care to notice...a shirt from macy's i down the drain!
i dunno if its cuz o fvisa issue cuz they rejected ppl who dont need visa.
it depends upon what you consider img friendly...they dont have any US grads and all of their residents are IMG's so it seens pretty img friendly to me....just not VISA friendly I guess
but they rejected people who dont need visa either?
yea what factors play a role is known only to them ... and we can barely question !
i think in our case we are couples matching, and the program clearly states no couples match we wasted 50 , a nice bottle of tequila Sad
whatever, who cares. .....lets await the next set of interviews/rejections!
Got a rejection from Maimonides IM
hey riaraj....sorry to hear about that....hang in there
can you please tell your credentials?
hey riaraj.....
Do you mind sharing ur credentials and do u see any particular reason for your rejection !
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