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INTERNAL Medicine 2012 . Interviews/ Rejections - houstonpass
how long I need to wait to have my first rejection? Totally silent inbox.
silent inbox over here tooo......they are waiting to unleash all the rejections any time now lol.....its like a thriller movie u dont know when somebody is going to pop up out of nowhere.....
guyz, whts your plan about Interview preparation ? We can start a group right here in the usmle forum and discuss about the questions? I think this is high time to consider about that. What you say?
i just want one intervieeeeew~!
I want at least the rejections cause I am worried whether my application is okay. Till I get response I am anxious about that.
I also got a rejection from capital health, NJ
90/99/cs/94, all 1st attempt
11 months USCE (observership)
GC holder

Reason, they have so many applications from many well qualified candidates, so they wont be able to see everybody.
@bokwe sorry to hear that, u have strong credentials
Rejection from Capital Health, NJ
hey houston pass...congrats...!!!
from which program u got the iv?
yaay I didnot apply at Capital health,NJ program. I rejected them before they rejected me. he he !
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