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INTERNAL Medicine 2012 . Interviews/ Rejections - houstonpass
Capital health center websites says "Prefer graduation within the past three years and clinical experience in a healthcare organization during the most recent twelve (12) months." so may be they are filtering old graduates, older than 3yrs? even if u have 99/99/99, ull get filtered???
sorry the above is for family med, this is internal med

"We only accept applications through ERAS. The application deadline is December 31st . Applicants with USMLE Steps 1 & 2 scores 80 and above on their first attempt are encouraged to apply. Applicants must have graduated medical school within the last 5 years. US clinical experience is not required. Applicants seeking J-1 visas may apply. Interviews are conducted for select candidates between November and January each year.' good luck
drgastro - i said i want one interview ...didnt get one ..(yet!)
so guys what do u think the criteria for rejection at capital was???
they rejected me without even downloading my transcript Sad
oh..sorry good luck...u ll get many!!!!!!!!!!!
i feel realyl bad ...why dont they want me Sad hahaah
don't feel bad houstonpass. I can bet that you have hundreds of arrows in your stock. You need only one of 'em to kill your catch your prey. Right? so don't bother much about one missed chance.
search "mleresidencytips" on google for a plethora of IMG related information and guide to IMG match process. also look for stuff to do to maximize your chances of obtaining the interview!
helpmepls - trying to couples match, so i guess i need two arrows Wink
I am ancient graduate (over 10), score in low 80's, hands on usce, 1attempt, applied within 15mins of start of application, applied to capital health, No rejections. Could time of application be the factor?
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