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INTERNAL Medicine 2012 . Interviews/ Rejections - houstonpass
@ anyonematch1- How can u be sure that the list is current..It maybe from last year...PC at Bronx said they are not giving PM this yr...also PC at lutheran said they are keeping 3 seats for match this yr..So its possible that wat u saw is last yr's it not?

Hello Funnybone. I am also going to Metropolitan for an IV, could you please forward the email you sent to usmleforum2012 to me as well at usmleforum12345 ?

It's funny that usmleforum2012 has almost the same nickname as mine. lol
I hope you did well and will do well on your future IVs. !!!

Greatly appreciated. Thank you
its for the last yr man .how u found it out?
I don't know, I just realized too is from last year, did you also interview at metropolitan?
guys I have my iv at metropolitan on nov 5th, do you have any inf?
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