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Family Medicine, Rejections here: - susanpersia
got a greeting from beaumont for family med....which i think is same as rejection Sad
VCU FAIRFAX..............No specific reason

UNM at Santa Fe.........No specific reason
search "mleresidencytips" on google for a plethora of IMG related information and guide to IMG match process. also look for stuff to do to maximize your chances of obtaining the interview!
@shaman, i also got the rejection from Santa-Fe program, with no specific reason.

Are you from New Mexico? What are your credentials?

mine 84/93/cs all first attempts, 2 US lors, one FM, 2003
got one more rejection from st elizabeth family medicine .youngstown Ohio
No reason mentioned but states due to enormous applications cant interview me.
Me too got rejection from st. Elizabeth family medical center, Youngstown, ohio. No specific reason. My reasons are yog and visa I guess!
Me too from St Elizabeth Youngstown Ohio,i dont need a visa and 2008 grad!!
me too got rejetion from st ELizabeth Youngstown Ohio
no specific reason
to my knowledge The website doesnt mention any CUT OFF OF YOG. and Many IMG so thought they might even sponser visa .
Got rejection from St Elizabeth hosp Youngstown, Ohio, no reason
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