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Family Medicine, Rejections here: - susanpersia
don't even come to the computer if you have nothing else to do except check the forum and eras. please. you are not going to have anything till middle of september. wait till then.
First Rejection!

Thank you for your application to the Eau Claire Family Medicine Residency

Upon review of your application material, it has been determined you do not
meet our program preferences. Therefore we will not be interviewing you at
this time.

Thank you again for taking the time to apply to our program.
silent inbox...
Hennepein, MN (Reason: scores. Wht cheaters, they have something else on their site, and they say something else)
VCU/Riverside, VA (No reason. I guess they just dont like
rej: rush copley medical center

i too applied at Dixon and St.Elizabth, but didnt here anything from them.

Does this mean that they havn't reviewed my stuff, or didnt consider me capable enough to send rejection , or shud i take it positvly?
Everything is possible!!! Think positive!!
Northridge Hospital, CA... rejection... reaason: many applicants
Got another rejection from SUNY at buffalo(olean)rural track.
when did u get the rejection. i too applied there... did they mention the reason for rejection? do you mind sharing ur credentials pls......
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