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Family Medicine, Rejections here: - susanpersia
I got it today, i think the reason was YOG,they want less than 5yrs and they prefer step 3
SUNY at Buffalo hasn't even retrieved my application
Thank you for applying to the SUNY at Buffalo Rural 1 - 2 Track Family
Medicine program. Our base criteria is:
1. Graduation from medical school within the past five years.
2. Successful completion of step 1, step 2CK, step 2 CS and we prefer step 3.
3. Minimum of three LOR, with preferably one from a family practitioner that
can attest to your clinical abilities.
4. Minimum of six months clinical (not research) experience in the US, UK or
5. Strong personal statement.
6. Strong communication and interpersonal skills

Unfortunately, your application did not meet our base criteria and therefore,
we are unable to move forward with your application.

We wish you the best of luck in your residency search.
Kerrie Parr
Residency Program Administrator
SUNY at Buffalo Rural Campus
500 Main Street
Olean, NY 14760
(716) 701-6881 phone
(716) 701-6856 fax
I am done with step 3....but YOG is 2006.. probably will receive rejection soon :-(

USCE - have 6 months of externship in Family Medicine but in a private clinic....I wonder will they consider it or not....
I have 8mths externship, YOG 2005. Have faith you are within 5yrs post grad and you have step3.
HI i got it too..................

DOUBT..... 2006 yog is it over 5 years or under 5 years..... well i just want to check .As i am 2006 graduate
It is 5yrs... I don't think that program is IMG friendly, they didn't have pics of their residents on their site. I usually go with the residents, if all AMGs,i don't apply regardless of their criteria.
yeap....u r right drgoody

I have seen ur posts in step 3 forum. Hope you are done with it. Did u get any reason for their rejection?
atleast i am happy them send us mail of rejections . i dont know, how many programs have rejected me without a mail of notification.
my reasons were same posted as above. I have 1 year of uk experience and 1 month of office experience so i applied .......HAHHAH MAY BE THEY DIDNT LIKE MY PERSONAL STATEMENT. anyways one more rejection.
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