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Help ONLY CARIBES w P/H FAILED USMLES - luckycaribemd

What is this about?

1. I originally failed the USMLE using the “big name companies” used at my Caribe medical school (top 3 ranked medical school; I do not want to name it for obvious reasons…)

2. I was referred by a medical school friend to a unique data-driven company that uses statistical question analysis and predictive methodologies (multivariable logistic regression) to create a uniquely guaranteed ‘if you do not pass you do not pay-” online course.

They are EXPENSIVE (11.5k dollars), but if you are from a Caribe school they will create innovative referral rebate-based contracts that will allow you to enroll (they did so with me- I subsequently got 90s and am now in residency)

Best next step?

Only if ANY OF the following applies to you should you proceed:

1. Many USMLE attempts OR
2. Do not feel confident with the BIG NAME company live programs or even the video programs OR
3. Need personalized attention due to feeling that medical school was inadequate in terms of real “USMLE-oriented prep,” OR
4. Somewhat Exam-Phobic OR
5. JUST MUST MASTER and SUCCEED IN THE USMLE (as it is EVERYTHING in terms of correlation to getting the Residency of Choice) and this depends on good teaching OR
6. NEED an insurance policy in the form of a 100% guaranteed online (that has a top ranking with the BBB- Better Business Bureau )-COURSE that finishes within 120 days

If so then: MOVE AHEAD as follows

(i.e., you have nothing to lose, and may instead fully regain your career trajectory, as did I) is to email me immediately at Sharmila_reddy16 and put “Caribe MD-USMLE Course Guidance” in the subject, for more information
Good one keep it up
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