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my exam experience - bnp1000
Hey bnp1000, could you also send me the email.


thanks brother!
No...I didn't get it...can you resend it please.
it's at
can you please send it to me as well. my mail ID is charmusmle1
thanks in advance
bnp1000 and the people asking for the cases that bnp1000 saw in the exam:

You guys should be ashamed of yourselves for asking/giving out the patient cases that you saw in the real exam. It is people like you that give foreign grads a bad name amongst the american medical community.

The CS is a basic exam. Your advice is appreciated bnp, but you shouldn't email actual cases to anybody. You are endangering your own career by enabling such cheating.

Work hard, study hard, and be honest. You will get what you deserve. If you fail the CS, it should only motivate you to work harder and be a better practitioner.
doc, before commenting, you shud have gone thru the whole thread! bnp1000 has clearly stated that he will not be telling us about the exact cases but he wud be sharing the exam experience so that we can have an idea about how the cases wud be! he was only trying to help the people who are taking the exam with his exam experience.
please read the whole thread thoroughly before making such harsh statements against forum members!

Perhaps it was a bit harsh as I see he later retracted and said he would not send actual cases. If his intentions were good then I apologize.

Good luck to all on the CS
[the honest way Smile]
I havnt sent real cases to anybody in ths forum. And i havnt even mentioned to send the real cases.

I have written my whole experience just to help u people. Other wise uptil nw 1300 people have viewd it and most of them wil hopefuly pass ths exam but NO BODY TRY TO HELP OTHERs AND UTMOST 10-20 (out of these 1300) wil write their experiences.
Thnk before u talk.

I am just paying off the debt on me frm ths forum. Ths is the act of real honesty that u shud give what u have got frm ths forum.

And i wil try my best to help everybody in ths forum.

Gudluck to evry1.

Thanx charmusmle 4 supportng me..
first congrats on ur exam u deserve it this is my email can u send those for me please mustkasem and thank u for ur valuable information
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