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my exam experience - bnp1000
Thank u sooo much very helpful tips . Yes u deserve o b a doctor. Can u plzz leave ur email add or skype id
Hi BNP 1000,
Congrats on passing CS exam I will highly appreciate if you can sent me your idea about approaching the cases at khalidhasan71 thanks in advance.
I will highly appreciate if you can sent me your idea about approaching the cases @
thanks in advance.
First of all, thank u evryone 4 appreciatns.
Actually now a days, i m really busy due to my final yr sentup exams, which wil end on 5th of ths month.

I wil definatly send to evry body on 6th. I m really sory buddies.

Could give us your advice about typing patient notes, and how to improve typing?

Regardng PN and typing.

As i have written that first ov all u shud assess ur typing speed..
Take any online test and get ur speed in WPM.
Speed shud b atleast 25 Wpm.

Second step is, pick a longest patient note frm the first aid. And memorize it exactly. Then close the buk and type that PN along with a stopwatch on ur own. Start frm diffrentials and investigations.
Write only relevant physical examinatn, nt all the systems.

Your patient note shud finish around 9 min. Becoz in exam due to anxiety, there can b tremors of ur hands leadng to decreasd speed.

As my speed was vry gud. 40-45 wpm so i used to finish p.n in around 7-8 min.

For increasng ur speed do folowng thngs.

- practice on any typing tutor atleast an hour or two a day.
- try to play the games in typing tutor.

- chat with 2-3 friends simultanously without using any chattng language(try to type full words swiftly)

- practice all patient notes of first aid once.

I hope it wil help.
Best of luck.
thanks for sharing the experience,
i am going to give my exam this month,
my question is how much was your typing speed? and what typing speed(wpm) is required to pass the test?
and did you type in capitals? is it acceptable to type in capitals to save time?
Re. Waseemansari
My speed was around 45 words per minute.
I didnt type in all capital letter. I typed the way exactly which is in first Aid..

But u can type in all upper case.. Becoz couple of my friends typed with all caps, and they passed.

In my openion ur speed should b above 25 Wpm.

Best of luck.
Thank you so much for your kind advice whcih are very useful.
pls answer me can i type the patient note in Capitals ?
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