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my exam experience - bnp1000

i have answerd ur post.
Type it in any form, it wil b acceptable..
Congratulations!I really appreciate your advice.

looking for a female study partner for Cs on skype if interested mail me at thiddikhan
my exam is in Jan, jan 15th
Thank u so much, wish u the best
congratulation !

Could you please tell us some advices about pation note typing, & how to improve typing.

Thanx evrybody.
hi....which center did you take the test? And congratulations for passing!....:-) And thanks for this detailed account!
I have taken it in chicago..

I am also from Pakistan...Dow,in particular,jst had my exam......made many mistakes...
Can u tell me what my chances are..
I dint pull footrest in 1 case,
didnt complete closure in 1st,
ask abt diapers in 12 year old,
shook hands with sweaty palms,
didnt ask liquor q's in pain case...
asked all PAM HUGS FOSS...Mentioned pelvic genital rectal as needed,
washed hands always,
closed and counselled in 11 cases,
did very focussed exam,
completed note in time.
Always categorize your cases as pass or fail becoz the best judge can be one's own self. most of the people say that if their 2-3 cases are very bad and rest are very good. So the person will pass easily. In your case scenario. First case always go like this which you have mentioned, for most of the people(though i have closed and councelled all the 12 encounters) and if the mistakes which you are telling are the only. Then you will pass easily. Dont worry. I am from rawalpindi medical college.
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