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DON'T GIVE UP! (old IMG got 245/99) - 13md
Statistically, the pass rate is less than 60% in the first attempt among foreign trained Doctors, and worst off with subsequent attempts. I had very poor results in my earlier attempts in spite of intense preparation with claiming of ton of facts. I eventually had a good score when I understood the Principle of Concept in answering questions you do not even know the details. If you are a foreign trained, do not kid yourself on what you know.
There was no way I could have passed being a foreign trained Doctor and having left School for quite a while without access to these videos and notes.

For more information google this and go to the first link: old img got 245/99

You can't expect to get everything you want in one go, so don't give up! And don't take the easy path. Approach things in a logical and methodical way. make sure you analyze them carefully and make sure you make the best decisions possible.
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