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very old IMG - ranaali
I graduated in 1987 and i tried usmle in 1995-96 didn't make it,with family and small kids it was impossible so i focused on my family.Now i have time to focus more and work but i don't know where to begin, which course to take and if i go through this torture will i get in the residency program.Please advice because i am new to this forum is there a chance for old IMG.
If you're rich then by all means give it a shot
Otherwise focus on making money
You can do any thing once you set your mind. A lot has changed. If your kids do not need your attention and your spouse is okay to be by them self for every need, focus on your studies. Start from the beginning. Get the latest editions of kaplan and start reading as much as you can. And you will achieve your goals. Good luck.
yes follow suggestions given by cheila9271978 and fireice .
but by all means don't fall victim of the 13.5K grntee course
ranali, i am 1996 graduate, passed step 3, got gc, was practising till 2006 when i came here, got post grad from home country, got research publication, volunteering in big university in research now but for last 2 years no interview. it is really hard. since u are old grad , thinking u will have family, and comes geographical boundary. before even thinking of usmle, make sure u know u might not get anywhere. i did not mean u won't get it. it is hard once u r out of practice for long time. if u still working in medical field then yes u should at least try.
regarding how to start, no course can make u pass. watch kaplan video, read kaplan, do uw, and best of all is find good sp that suits u. i would not have passed if i had not got good sp. i easily passed ck and cs on my own but step 1 i cancelled exam date 3 times, lost money, really hard to get those basic science after many years. so sp, sp sp. i never did any class, but did buy uw. that is must.
THANKS to all who replied my post.Question to toppersux about 13.5k grntee course,is it really bad?.Anyone know about course ,this site seems very legitimate any idea?.To answer 5344 my kids still need me but i have a lot of time now to work and my husband is very is not an issue but i don't want to waste it until i am sure about the program because i have done that in the past with my own hard earn money.I have worked as a PA with gyn/obs doctor and did a lot of infertility,getting letters and recommendations is not a problem,infact lot of family and friends are doctors i don't know if that can help? You are right about one thing geographical boundary,otherwise i still be working may be part time.What do u mean by (sp,sp,sp) ?. Well its a long haul towards getting in the residency program.,first thing is to pass the exam with good score.And my last question to fireice...? other then kaplan what about any books for bio, physio and pharma.
u asked "will i get residency"? that is why i was answering. I did not know u r so determined. I was showing reality of usmle for old grads. Well it looks like u r surrounded by doctors and have people to lift you, then that is different. for old grads like me without some insider, reality is different. you must have already got advice from family ad friends. stupid me to think you have like my situation.
sp means study partner. whatever steps u plan to give go to that forum and see how others reading. except for step 3 ccs i did not take any course and never met anyone who actually did course. May be someone will answer your question.
What's ur email?
you can have more kids and US gives 1000 per year tax rebate for a kid till 18.
you can get WIC checks and food stamps and social security after 65. there is no country better than USA...
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