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very old IMG - ranaali
Any one has Goljan third edition book for step 1 , i needed badly .
My email [email protected] thanks
You can get STep3 KAPLAN Q bank Print edition full set & Uworld iN print form me.. just post ur email add here..I will repsond..I just took teh exam n passed so I dont nee dthose books
jazaka Allah kheer...
my email is [email protected]

thanks in advance, and my best wishes for you...
Hi Ranaali,
I am also an old time graduate. Lets start and be in touch. Its not going to hurt.All the best.
Hi Zoia
Let's keep in touch sailing in the same boat. My email I'd is geeann0. (O-digit)

Private tutoring available:

MCCEE, Step 2 CK and Step 3.
Discuss high yield concepts and will clarify any concerns. Analysis and techniques to help answer the questions correctly.

htutor99 and the gang will just take your money. Useless, do not even try it.
Hi iam also an old graduate, lost all the hope to study and do something, but with kids growing up and nothing else to fit in , i feel i wasted my life , so now trying to start again, iam so scared to see all the kids studying so hard and doing big things that we once used to cant say even if we can achieve this much but lets try we have some advantages to our sides as well...
can anyone here help me with study material , iam just going to purchase books in few days pls can someone tell me what is required and send me a list of books pls.thanks
I am an old graduate as well,my story is even more complicated. Did my step 1,6 years back and scored real bad in it. Now as only few months are left before my expiration of my step 1 , I have to clear the rest of the exams in just 4 months with no preparation at all. But I am willing to give it a shot! And having all the faith.
Hi iza and friend6749
Can u send me ur email I'd? We can share our stories and keep going as we have no other option left.
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