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very old IMG - ranaali
google : "topper usmle course" to know the truth of his new blog: imgusmleandresidency

USMLE and Residency Tips for IMGS
I got some motivation from situation.i graduated 1997 tried twice for MLEs but no luck,same family and kids situation.Now dreaming to go back in field and cannot make up mind if choose something like nursing or try for MLE.Anybody please through some insight.
valid option
Hi,everyone.I graduated in 1982,and was practicing in my country since then without any gap.Got GC in 2008.My family came to USA and I used to come every 6 months.Had superb practice and also government service working in top most positions.After deterioration of law and order situation in country was forced by the family to come her.,Winding up every thing came to USA Sep.2010,started studying for usmles,October,2010.Took step1 on march,29,2011(210/88),May,5,2011 step2 cs(Pass),Aug.24,2011,step 2ck(235/99),step3,Feb,2012(214),All first attempt.applied to 135 programs.Got 2 interviews and waiting for match.Have 2 postgraduations,one chest medicine and other Family medicine(MRCGP-International,2008).Waiting for match and expecting too as the program attending who was the incharge of interviewing team replied my thank you email as "I think you will be an asset to our program."Please pray for me and GL to all.Never give up.Keep your faith in God and do what you can do and leave the rest to God.
(02-25-2012, 11:41 PM)ArchivalUser Wrote: I graduated in 1987 and i tried usmle in 1995-96 didn't make it,with family and small kids it was impossible so i focused on my family.Now i have time to focus more and work but i don't know where to begin, which course to take and if i go through this torture will i get in the residency program.Please advice because i am new to this forum is there a chance for old IMG.

I have a coaching program that will help you. I have helped IMGs after MANY years of trying to pass these exams. ( you can see my thread in classified ). 

If anyone is interested in my one on one coaching program, please email me at : [email protected] Phone/textwhatsapp : 857-347-7546.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to offer FREE 20 minute zoom session to answer and discuss my strategies and pricing.
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