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Looking for research positions to improve CV? - researches
If interested in research positions, contact me at MariaRez2010. We have positions in different states and specialties. Some are in the top 5 universities in the US. Provide some brief info about yourself, your visa status, your USMLE scores, what (sub)specialty, which state, when you want to start and for how long. In the subject, please mention what you’re looking for. For example: “Endocrine research in Chicago.”

We do have paid positions too, but you need to have had a prior experience in lab research. Otherwise, it's unlikely you can get a paid position. Also remember the visa limitation (you can't get paid on all visas). Some positions are non-paid initially, but may become paid with time as you gain experience and prove yourself to be productive.

We can provide a list of customers that you can contact for feedback about the service. These customers approved to be references, otherwise, we don't disclose any private information of any of our old customers without their knowledge and consent.

Thank you.
There are also paid employment available; however, you will need to have previous experience working in a laboratory. If this is not the case, it is highly unlikely that you will be offered a paid employment. Also, keep in mind that there is a limitation on your visa, which states that you cannot get paid on all visas. There are jobs out there that don't pay at first, but if you do well in them and make yourself valuable, you might be able to work your way up to paid positions.octordle
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