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anyone waiting for results on 25th - csatlanta21
but how it can be like this? I mean people who took exam in the beginning of that period will get results at the same time as people who took in the end ??? like early feb and late March takers??
ya 98% of those who took exam in the period jan 29 to march 24 will get results on 25th and for the rest can be till may 23 which is the reporting end date..
Good luck to all. I am trying my best to stay positive and sincerely hope that we all will be celebrating our success in less than 48 hours Smile))
Good luck for all of u guys,
Ive done my exam on the 28th Feb ,

Lets see what will happen !!!
good luck everyone...hope we all pass....counting hrs
csaltanta21 how do u know that information ?? I mean that 98 % of that period takers will get on 25th ???
please reply. I am so stressed, I dont want to get results Sad(
hi every one...i wish u all good luk for the result 2mrw.i've given mine on mar 5 philly.i've done so many mistakes...which wake me up from sleep untill today.hope we all pass...and hav a brighter future.
@shula.. its in ecfmg site.. I am worried if I will go into some panic attack soon... its so scary..
the same is here Sad((( and I guess u r not 8 months pregnant, so imagine my situation Sad(((
@shula, information regarding CS score reporting schedule as on ECFMG- "Results for 98%-99% of examinees who take the exam during the testing period are reported by the THIRD WEDNESDAY (i.e., May 8) in a Reporting Period"
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