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anyone waiting for results on 25th - csatlanta21
@borderline easier said than dates available till august.if u have to match this yr need to pass this time sp for IMGs
if i will not get it this year will wait for the next year. i know worst things that can happen in live ...
I hope of course to match this year, but if not it is not the ned of the world .. it is just lot of time and money spent Smile...
seems they realize that pressure(thru usmles )on these guys is not enough to make them good physicians and their nerves have to be checked by some other means like delaying the results.
hihihiiiiii , you are so funny Sana2, u make me laugh in this circumstances Smile ...
do we have to wait until next week (wednesday) if the result doesn't come out today?
sana , did you take the test in houston on march 15th??
@img2013, i think we do not have the choice Smile
hi guys, took exam in phili, 3 feb.... still waitingSad
no mine was in LA 13th
Please do post here if you get the results..
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