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anyone waiting for results on 25th - csatlanta21
so the ECFMG website says that for "Results for 98%-99% of examinees who take the exam during the testing period are reported by the third Wednesday in a Reporting Period."

i think not getting the result early , not good
It also says- The first results for a given testing period will be issued on the first day of the corresponding reporting period, and it is expected that results for the vast majority of examinees who take the exam during the testing period will be reported on this date.
yes thats correct but atleast someone on this forum must have got his result by now.or it might be that whoever is getting the result doesnt bother to post here and is either celebrating or...
one guy cbcman claims to have gotten his result today..... but where r our results?
hey grad 1980, how are u ?? u did not get ur results yet ... WAW....
so i think that i should not wait mine today . my exam was march 15.
m good borderline, thank u.
no dear, no results yet n this wait is killing meSad
What date did he take the test?
ask him, he is on the CS forum claiming he got it today...lolzzz
I took exam on 16th Feb ... No result yet
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