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Bond for Indian doctors going to the US - chandanagowda
For ANY Indian Passport Holder! Its really that easy nothing to clarify. If you have any other passport you are fine.

This is no joke just alot of indians dreaming this was not true.
law ministry cancelled MOH bond gonna happen now..congrats all uncle is secretary in MOH..internal news..hurray..
sorry its already started my cousin works in MCI and already been approved and another relative is high up in ministry and affidavits already been created for use.

Proposal already implemented no turning back now
affidavits are not ur basics right first.. news is 100% confirm...u will seee the magic in few days..yo..
it has already started congrats on the bad info
looool.... :pWink...wait t see the beauty of India...muaahh luv mah India... :p Smile))))
its already gone ahead just spoke to relative in ministry of health and them and mci totally committed to bonds and motion already passed into law.

Can u post the penal code along with the copy of sure u dont know neither of them..Wink....but m sure u have no answer to my ques..
Where is your legislation then my good friend? Confirmation from the chief aide to Azad is good enough aswell as the MCI secretariat.

Enjoy India Smile
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