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Bond for Indian doctors going to the US - chandanagowda
Dude even I am feeling a little bad about rubbing this in indian faces. Lets just all move on. Stop the rumors and dreaming indian docs are still going to practice and now its to treat there own people. That really do need them to stay home.
#22 you still believe in promises of indian politics..grow up my friend..welcome to india..the only thing that to some extent works in india is some law..that too some hope u know raja kalmadi the biggest scammers..walkin free and now that law ministry rejected mr azads proposal in in your
Did anyone get Statement of Need this year? I ams till waiting.

thank you
one thing that is guaranteed is that politicians aint going to do anything to help you guys.

what big problem you say you want training you can still have it but NOW you have to serve your own people.

If you have problem with this it proves you were all lying robbers wanting to avoid serving your own people in the guise of training!!

So serve your own people guys what the big deal - MCI have already enacted the legislation enjoy!
did u see the latest show on mci in india called as satyamev jayate.... :p..tMCI itself is corrupt and is helpless even with laws ,,,and with no law or penal code or GR for bond...what will they do you can guess?... :p ...we dont deny serving our people but may be after 30 years of US life... Wink

satyamev jayate
no b/c we dont have indian passports so as long as MCI and MOH etc make it more difficult for you guys to leave and Azad wants this to happen in the name of pt. care or whatever then why should anyone complain.

Serve your own people guys, why you so ashamed to do that? The legislation pushed through is moral and correct and people are starting to see the full effects of it!

Enjoy India guys its your country dont be so ashamed to leave. Now you got every reason to stay.

Maybe the consulates should start stopping visas for the CS then you wont have any heartache later on.

May suggest that as brother works at the DHS

Also why do Indians have the longest waits for GC in the US out of ANY OTHER COUNTRY - its because there are too many of you already and are generally unwanted.

Azad is right - Other countries have bonds good to see he following suit.
Haha..u sound like an indian brother works at stop laughin..good to know DHS works on your instructions Sir.Obama..just because u r GC or citizen dont forget u hdont have any moral resposibility to serve ur native country people my friend..when r u goin t do that.. :p

The thing is those who got brains survive and not nuts...So lets compete.. Wink
as a US citizen i am going to serve my own people why dont you think about doing the same douchebag rather than being a greedy fag trying to enter our nation under the guise of training?

no wonder there is a strong lobbying going on in congress to keep foreign doctors out esp. from the subcontinent.
also why do indians have the longest wait for GC with constant retrogressions we can all LOL if thats because you are wanted here!

quite the opposite.

sebelius should go and meet azad to make sure his wishes are enforced.
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