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Bond for Indian doctors going to the US - chandanagowda
You really must be delusional
Haha. This moron (docsammd) actually knows what the reality is. He is delusional about this thing happening and helping him get a residency.
docsammd is not delutional..i think all FMGs should be banned from coming to US..considering their non standard training..
where can i get the right and exact information about this bond stuff so that i dont have any doubts in my mind if start preparing again... please provide some decent and valid links about the issue,, thanks
@kacyneil, if you think all fmgs should be banned from coming to the us..its better u get your kids out of the tv sets and the porn and make them read so that you don thave to rely on foreign docs,, and mind you medical training in india is of highest standards in te world and students get more than enough hands on experience than anywhwre in the world.
shame they didnt teach you to spell in med school!! haha
@cocoon where did the issue of porn came up from.. :o.. dont tell me u neva jerked off watchin porn u bookworm..americans r cream breed of the world.ask any woman in the world..they die to sleep with the blue eyed rare species...please dont get personal....u say that medical training in india is superior then y the f u wan training in us..doesnt make sense t me...its about human life..and all FMGs dont get training according to American standards and its truth accept it.. and i want t be very clear..FMGs should be banned...irrespective of their citizenship status..period!
I did not graduate from India and I hold green card and living in US. does this effect me ?
Hey friends please update . is there any bond for IMG (Indian) .I finished rurals and got degree 2 years back .
NB : not expecting any answer from member docsammd .. Lol..)
This is only for indians who graduated from INDIA.
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