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Bond for Indian doctors going to the US - chandanagowda
u can change ur blood simply by marrying or buying GC....intelligence should not be money, circumstantial or country bound..we are humans in the let the fittest survive..and they will..Darwins theory cannt go wrong..will never go wrong..see u duh in USA.....If you dare compete with us and get your a man..not a pussy..Wink
Serve your own ppl douchebag why u so reluctant to?!! U conveniently avoid answering that point. Trash like you lie Yr way into the system by saying u want training to use in Yr own country lol

Biggest load bs ever written. Thankfully the pd's are well aware of Yr lies Yr fake references etc etc and other weasel tactics you come out with.
lol..nuthin is fake ...puss....the only thing fake is your citizenship (bought by money or marriage)...intelligent people dont need any references..thats y PDs are not afraid to hire us..cause they know who has got brains and who become fake citizens to get into residencies....cheers...long live America.. :p
U so unfunny u shld be on the Colbert show. Sorry was born here so not an invading thief like u lot.

Pd's aren't going to waste time and money on visas on u lot ESP since u now have to go back to serve yr own ppl which u STILL avoid answering why u don't want to. Pd's know u can buy a med degree there buy anything u like why is there a filter on ERAS to eliminate your applications from the start so they don't waste time reading them.

There's a reason why u lot end up with nothing or the programs we dont want.
hehe..Yea but ur parents or grandparents did buy gc right..that doesnt change who you are unless you have blonde hair and nirma white skin...And yea oneday we will be US citizens too in a way we are serving oour own people too..:p.. And actually there is no need for ERAS screener..cause the ones who buys degree cannt score 260 +in usmles.. cheerup looser..cause dumbos like u struggle to ge into programs..not the ones who scores triple 99 and 260 +...We are people with brains and dedication..PDs know from which country world chess champion for several year is..they know who got brains..and who not..
Yeah right that's why u want to leave yr own whole of a country admit it!!! Why u leaving???

Actually I have brown hair and White skin if that helps! Naw mate u'll be six feet under by the time u become a citizen judging by the way retrogression is happening for indian born folks!!

If u had brains u'd try and make it in yr own country rather than invade others. Pds don't play chess as they prefer ppl who got a life not staring at pieces on a board!! Hell that's why yr famous actors get detained at airports here so much respect to yr nation hahaha

Theres a reason why the eras filter has the tab 'dick' on it and it suits u precisely!
Yea we are leaving our country to have children like you ..brown hair with white that one day they too can say to the Indians..y u r leavin ur own country..hope this helps ya understanding our reason to leave our countries..... :p..and actors dont have brains so they should be detained ..I support that...every person coming to US without brains should be detained who cannot contribute to the economy of the wonder u didnt get my point when i gave example of chess..cause u lack it seriously bro...
As long as brown folk are staffing our gas stations and driving our cabs we are ok with that - chess is for sad reclusive retards so suits u perfectly!

Six feet under six feet under six feet under.......
nice to see you running out of words..checkmate...signing off..had to catch a flight to USA...see you somewhere sometime to talk to you on person...chaos... Wink
Checkmate??? Lol what a dork
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