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Step 3 timing - usmlestat
Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well.. My question...
Is it worth taking step 3 even after I already sent my applications to programs? Will it still be a plus in applying for residency??
I am planning to send all my documents by September but I think I will only be ready to take the exam on October or November. I dont have any visa issues, less than 3 years YOG, average scores and 5 months USCE (3 months clinic and 2 months Hospital) .
Any kind suggestions will be greatly appreciated.. Good luck to everybody..
well it is also important you do well in the exam, besides programs can get updated with the results (if you select that option) and so they may consider that when deciding upon the ROL list in Feb
@Iowa, thanks for the quick reply.. I saw that in the options but I would rather see the result first and not have it automatically updated. By the way, can I still send the result of Step 3 if I pass it even if I didn't choose that auto update option?
I have a question iowa. Is it really important to write the exam and get the score report before application( for an IMG)?
@iowa.....which one would be most helpful. passing score in september or high score in October
@sunshine, i do not think a high score in step 3 has the same 'effect' as step 1 or CK
passing and high score is all relative

@usmlestat - i believe that is manual transmit option (ie after you see the good news).

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