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psychiatry 2013 - psychdoctor
Psych25: I matched at cleveland clinic too! let's get in touch.
Hi targetstep2, I'm guessing it's in Psych! In that case we'll be co-interns. My email is snav235, yeah, let's get in touch
Hi psych25, check your mail.

We can arrange for electives if you're still a student, and externship if you have graduated already. We have a slot available in some of the top universities in the US.
Contact us at ImproveCVForMatch2014. Mention if you're a graduate or a student (which year), your visa status, what specialty you're looking for, and preferred locations. Also include brief info about yourself and USMLE scores.

Thank you.




We have research positions available in different states and in different (sub)specialties which include cardiology, endocrinology, pulmonary, surgery, sleep medicine, neurology, and many others. The majority of the positions are in universities, and some of them are in universities that are among the top 10 in the U.S. You can contact us for details.
If you're looking for a different state or (sub)specialty, we can help too. We just need you to be specific and help us understand what you’re looking for.

If interested, contact us at ImproveCVForMatch2014. Provide some brief info about yourself, your visa status, your USMLE scores, what (sub)specialty, which state, when you want to start and for how long.
In the subject, please mention what you’re looking for. For example: “Cardiology research in New York.”

We can provide a list of references if you would like.

Thank you.



Our group is under a hatred attack by a desperate person who is using multiple user IDs to make the illusion that it is a large group discussion. (S)he simply posts and then replies him/herself. Also please ask him/her for proofs of his/her accusations. You will notice that there is nothing other than fabricated stories. Even the "person" who claimed to have something against us, disappeared suddenly without providing anything. Yet (s)he continues to make stories up without any grounds.
Whoever has a complaint against us, or even was not completely satisfied with our service, please do share with others. Our satisfaction rate is more than 95%. And most of those who used our service did get matched, including this past one. We can provide references if interested.
Otherwise, those hatred posts are entertaining if you enjoy watching a psychotic person thanking him/herself for replying and responding, then making mistakes thanking the wrong ID because (s)he forgot to log out. We recommend using such free time in improving the profile, hopefully, next Match will be more successful than the previous ones.
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