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psychiatry 2013 - psychdoctor
we are in the same boat. YOG >5 years. I applied in the hope that US experience will work. My bad Sad
Dear Applicant,
Unfortunately we are not able to offer you an interview. We wish you good luck in your preparations for a career in psychiatry.
Sheldon Benjamin, MD
Director of Psychiatric Education and Training
Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology
Director of Neuropsychiatry
UMass Medical School
55 Lake Avenue North
Worcester, MA 01655
(508) 856-4087 (office phone)
(508) 856-5000 (fax)
[email protected]
Have hope folks. It's just one program that sent a rejection. Some programs have not downloaded my application yet. So there is plenty of time to get interviews. Stay hopeful and continue to move forward.
2006/216/243/pass/6mo homecountry psych, 1mo OB psych, 1mo IM OB, 0.5mo neuro OB, 1mo IM Extern, no visa, 2y research exp in pharmaceutical co.(not relevant), no pub, LOR 1 IM MD, 1 Psych MD, 1 current boss.(PhD)

cross fingers and GL to everyone
Hello everyone!

I know how stressfull this experience can be, so good luck guys!
This is my first post ever here and I am stressed like everyone. I would like to have some feedback about my chances of matching..Everyone with experience that has already matched please reply!

yog 2008/221/217/cs pass(all first attempt within a year)/2 years of research in my home country/research in the US and clinical experience/ 1 year of clinical experience in my home country/4 publications/28 posters and oral presentations/ 3 US Lors.
Have applied to 40 programs.

Thank you a lot!

Good luck to everyone!

Mine yog 2011/226/237/cs-2nd attempt/1 month obsie in gastro/home country psych experience two months/need visa.two us im lors/2 psych indian lors. any chances for me?
@ surya, I think even with your good scores, you have rare chances of getting iv in psych with home country- indian lors. You need american lors from a reputed place supporting ur psych usce. Everyone knows that where and how these home country usce and lors are coming from, so it's like a zero value.
@psych4ever, i don't believe that home LOR is useless, they are inferior but they may work still. Last year one applicant with CS attempt and without any us experience got 4-5 IW and matched..
So there is no specific formula for this.
@suzi.. that's true, anyone can get matched, but sometimes we are not aware of people's inside connections. I heavily doubt that you get 5 ivs without single US lor.
We have received documents via ERAS in support of your interest in the Psychiatry Residency Program at the Northeast Ohio Medical University. Unfortunately, we can arrange interviews for only a small percentage of the qualified applicants. I regret that we will not be able to offer you an interview at this time. Thank you for you interest in the NEOMED Program. We appreciate the time you took to submit your application for our review, and wish you every success in your professional career.
The NEOMED Recruitment Team
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