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psychiatry 2013 - psychdoctor
Hello group...let me join the party

2007 grad 80/87/pass/83 all first attempts. 7 months USCE of which 4 are in Psych with 2 publications and 3 US Lors...applied to 90 progs on 15/9 ....1 rejection, 1 acknowledgement, 1 phone interview ( screening i guess), 1 interview. I need visa.

Congrats on ur 1st interview! where did u get it?
Univ of Louisville....I did my observership there, they offer an interview as a courtesy to all who rotate there, but the final result result depends on the AMGs who want to come there.
Hi Medicool....Could you let me know which country you are from...coz I need visa too.

u have pretty good chances because of your psych experience, recent grad and US rotations. Please write me to discuss further : faxthem

Hi Any suggestions or ideas how to explain CS attempts in interview?? I have 2 failure attempts but I don't have any failure attempts in step 1,2&3.


Yes, the 3 years of psych experience I have had were as a nurse prior to entering medical school. Even during med school I have worked in psychiatry as a RN during school breaks and in between some rotations.
Did anyone get interview in psychiatry? Do you guys have any idea when will psychiatry invitation starts?
Thank you!! Even though I have to prepare for step 3 still can't get rid of appplication's stuff.
Dear Applicant:
The psychiatry residency program at the University of Colorado has received many applications for positions for the upcoming training year. After reviewing your application, our selection committee will not be able to extend an invitation to interview for a position with our program. We wish you the best in your career endeavors in psychiatry.
Alexis Giese, M.D.
Program Director
I also just got a rejection from Colorado.
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