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people who are considering other options - gc12
Dear all,

It's my hard luck that still struggling with the residency dream here so called land of opportunity. I am tired of this matching and false hope. I am old graduate 2004 with low scores of 84,79,cs ( 2ND ATT) and step3 failed. somehow manage to get one interview every year in IM for last 3 years. I have done research extraordinary and got the greencard approved under eb-1a that gave me some more energy to fight. But truly, I have no hope left and wants to consider all options. I am fully confused what to do next. I did research only in one hope that it will get me somewhere in the program but actually it was taking me far far away from clinical. I have no interest in research and really dont want to do it anymore.

For me now, it's big challenge to consider for indian pg or MPH or MBA. I have no idea how much MPH/MBA will be worth as career wise and money investment.
I am really thinking if any one there who can give me some advice for the career. It's not easy to live like this who have not matched and still wondering what to do next at this point of life where you need to support your family and accept this failure.

I am doing MBA in healthcare and also thinking about MPH program that will start this fall. I think having green card will help you in getting lot of job options. Can you please tell how you were able to get green card in EB 1 category. I need visa for any job so if there is any chance for me to get green card, it will mean a big deal to me. Thanks.
Nice to hear from you.
I did basic lab research for 3.5 years and got 9 paper publications with some reviews and awards that helped me in putting myself for extraordinary ability category. There was no sponsor though.It was self filed. If you manage to get job in company then they can file it for you but may be in EB-2 or if you have some research or extraordinary proof in any profession you can file or last option is getting married to usa girl just trying to give you some options never mind.

MBA in healthcare: Do you think it will give us some respectable lifestyle?
You are doing in USA or India?

I am very concerned with the tuition fees in good university in usa. All programs are like 80,000 USD in total. Should I do MPH instead of MBA? Please advice it will be great help.

I mean as a doctor MBA will be big deal. Will I be able to get good salary?
I have looked at several job sites. After few years of experience in administration job, salary increases for people with MD MBA. I think we become eligible for ceo post who can demand whatever he/ she feels like. As for cost, you can get scholarship and graduate assistant or teaching assistant jobs.
At least it gives some hope, otherwise there is no hope for job with ecfmg certificate. You can try for physician assistant if you really like clinical work. Otherwise life can be really good as administrator. Cost of my MBA is 48000 dollars and is online and for MPH online, it will be 40000 dollars. I am doing these online because at present I am at a location which is 80 miles away from nearest college and that was not aacsb accredited. It is not mentioned on degree whether you did it on campus or online. Please let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks
Hello, I forgot to mention that I am doing it from USA. For MPH look for CEPH accreditation but I think the programs require central application. For myself, I applied directly to a program which is still working on getting ceph accreditation. So was able to get it easily.

It's very nice that you are doing here. Did you give GMAT also? I know some programs ask for it and some don't. I will look all the programs for MBA/MPH. Life is not just clinical it should be meaningful. Thanks for all.
if you are interested in clinical work then you can join anesthesiology assistant program. two year program and after that you can get job with good pay. you have great research experience then why you are not applying for NIH fellowships. you can get good pay and then you can plan your MBA/MPH too. you have green card so visa is also not an issue. and last you can apply for federal jobs and CDC scholarship programs too. maybe you can get anything . very difficult to get in but you can always try for federal jobs
I didn' t take GMAT as the program didn't need it. But most good programs need it or GRE. I have taken GRE and the toefl. The program only wanted wes evaluation and they gave a case study for evaluation in place of GMAT.
Can you please tell me how did you get in a research program, my dream is to do research, I am interested in neuroscience, but I dunno where to start and what to do. Can you please tell me how did you proceed. Here is my email, [email protected] . Please please, any advice is welcomed, I feel completely lost, thanks a lot
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