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people who are considering other options - gc12
honestly, I am not personal to try to be personal with me sinai you peice of sh.t
and what and where is know jaipur......come to jaipur and I can give you a camel ride...a.. hole.....
An MBA or MPH is a good long-term goal. People are always thinking that clinical medicine is the only medicine. As an MD, there are numerous options. Think practically and ask yourself what your really good at doing.

Medicine is now moving more towards a digital path. I live in Silicon Valley where many Software Engineers make as much or more than doctors.

I am just writing to help out. I was trained in different specialties and could have done anything.

Society really does put pressure on people to go into a certain field. There are many ways to be successful, but finding something your passionate and executing is the hard part.

For many of us this dream of residency etc. is to bring honor to our family. It's more important to have a purpose. What I have noticed is that this will carry through in the work that you do.

If I offered many doctors the money that me and my colleagues make in healthcare and tech., they would probably quit there jobs in a flash.

If anyone needs further help or guidance on this, leave your email and we'll chat.


Could really use some guidance. Did basic sciences in the Caribbean, almost done with MHA degree, and can't get anything resembling a professional job. Forced to work min. wage. Please help. Thank you.
Hi Ajmeru,

I will shoot you an email and we'll chat.
@dandruf: calm down with your outbursts and chicken threats. I know in Winnipeg you are considered a buffoon but I did not realize the extent of the buffoonery. Don't act like a 5 year old kid on this forum.
Once again use Selsun blue 2-3 times a week.
Why not a Law degree? What a great combo, you can go into politics, health care policy and management, and ethics (which is huge).
#28 keep bringing those places- seems like you got fu..kd I realize how you get your flash backs...
remember you started su.k my d..k.....a-h..

sinai I think you often use selsun blue on your (...)

I am writing this to you again. My post just stated that I could do some business of some sort, if I dont match...3 idiots is a good bollywood movie based upon three characters. As far as I know, I have not said anything against anyone. Just for fun I posted, and if that upset somebody- I apologize.

You tried to be judgemental and threw things on me and labelling me as immature- well you have right to express your opinion but not to label someone as you did to me.

we all are in stressfull times and funny things happen, but I make sure not to upset could have just asked me politely and I could replied well to it.

i should not explain myself but I do not want this to continue...words that I used just disregard....I take them back...

I hope we both work here in a friendly manner.. If still you want to continue- then it is your choice...

I have not used profanity like you have used excessively. If you did not like my labeling your post as "immature" you could have simply stated it. I know you are a cool guy and was just clowning around but perhaps this is not the right thread for it. Besides if you have continued I would have had to report you to Dr. HonkyTonky .... Smile
Anyway, please accept my apologies if you were upset by my posts, let us leave this thread for the OP who's really having a tough decision to make and may not understand/appreciate your Bollywood pop cultural references/jokes.
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