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people who are considering other options - gc12
@gc12, please contact me at historianandscientist. I need some help.
i'm interested email is donnowhy9
Have you tried doing an internship in PR and then applying for residency a friend of mine same like you got in last year there.
Hope you get it.
Take care
This forum is the best - thank you admin
please get in touch with me as well at pjmdmba
hi frnds i was going through ur mails look like u guys r all from india but i am not but i need some guidence too , but my problem is my brain it is average i find everything difficult how i get medical degree i dont know! so @vphil can u send this below average brain lady or any one give me some advice ramagice
This is another option.
Hi vphil,
I am interested to discuss with you further. my email is lectnh26
hi vphil,
I am interested to discuss with you. my e mail : yasar_suleman
Hi vphil,

I am also in Silicon valley. I am interested in your option, plz contact me at upapak06
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