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Foreword -
Dr. Anthony S. Russo -

Welcome to!

The objective of is to provide a medical forum for students who are seeking admission into an M.D., and who are currently doing their residency. is an opportunity for you, as extraordinary medical students to share with others the experiences, lessons learned and information that may assist future colleagues at succeeding in the medical profession.

This is an outstanding opportunity to communicate with individuals who are equally involved in the process of becoming Doctors, including the joys and sacrifices necessary to achieve one of the most coveted titles in our society today.

By choosing to become Medical Doctors, you have all committed to the sharing of information. This is the key to any successful endeavor, whether it's learning to become a pilot, or stem cell transplantation, the transfer of knowledge, is truly where your success will lie. As you have no doubt learned, from your past and present "teachers", the ability to share information and teach others is a gift that truly benefits the medical community; always has and always will. You are a part of a teaching profession. It is for these reasons, and many more, that I welcome you to; and I urge you take advantage of life's most precious gift; the gift of knowledge transfer. As Medical Doctors, the process of education is a life-long experience and provides life saving opportunities.

This ability will be a tribute to your academic education, and ultimate medical experience, capabilities and success. So I urge you share all of the knowledge and skills needed to for yourself and others, to be outstanding, compassionate and effective Medical Doctors. is the first step down that road.

Dr. Anthony S. Russo,
CS, CIS, Lead Faculty Advisor,
Central Pacific University
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