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Ask for free help -
Doc with no interviews - noInterview

No need to send money.
Please email to noInterview if you are US citizen or Greencard holder and have difficulty finding residency position.

To contact: You must also be ECFMG certified or an AMG who have passed Step1 and Step2 .
You must had no interviews or offers despite applying to programs.
Have a proof of emails or other correspondence as proof that you got rejected. Keep the proof with you.

Let us get together on the web and find out our numerical strength. Later , let us goto the media also.

We can ask our lawmakers to help us get residency.

Our (US) constitution allows us to petition the US Government to redress our grievances.
Our Constitution also allows us peaceful assembly.

I am not discriminating against anybody with a particular religion, race, nationality or view.

Yours brotherly,
NoInterview Doctor

see my reply in matching & residency
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