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come together and act u really need to -
DEEP - dshar

THIS IS THE WAKE UP CALL FOR PEOPLE WHO R AFFECTED BY THE DELAY IN CSA RESULT.Guys u wont get pre match offers even interviews are not being offerred without ecfmg certification.Act in hope for the slightest possibility that they may agree to our point of view when they come to know how much we r sufferring. everyone should write them. I suggest making a common format for good letter reflecting our feelings and in how many ways it can affect our future and everyone individually send them the same or similar letter. they hav a very lame excuse if it was affecting american graduates their software would have acted much faster. My god no one on earth living in 21st century will beleive that in america they are delaying result for 4 months just because they have opened a new center. If they really cant do it they should die with shame or remove the criteria os csa for this year. When we planned our tests more than a year ago they never informed us that they will delay the result for csa so they cannot (even legally) punish us for this. If you guys agree with this please write your response even a word on this forum an we all should promise to write atleast one email to ecfmg showing our concern and how it destroys our faith in the system.
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