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education remediation - abhy
whats this? when we choose this?
Curriculum and Instruction Pages.
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The procedure for leaving and leaving the academy:

1) sending an application for academic leave to the leadership of the educational institution;
2) receipt within 10 days of a management decision;
3) in the case of a positive decision - the use of academic leave;
4) writing an application for withdrawal from academic leave;
5) execution of the order on the return of the student to the educational process;
6) return to training.

What are the rules for ending academic leave?
To leave the academic leave (at the end of the period of time for which it was granted, or ahead of schedule), you must:

1) write a statement addressed to the head of the educational institution;
2) in case of exit of academic leave according to medical indications - to receive the conclusion of the medical commission with admission to training.

Is it possible to leave the academic leave ahead of schedule?
Following are some interesting points which will help you to prepare a complete exploratory essay:-
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->> The next step is to compose a thesis statement of your exploratory essay. A thesis is a statement which is supported by some or the other argument; which will in-turn explain the reason of doing a research on the topic. And it is this thesis which will be explored in the main body of your exploratory essay.
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->> Make use of the linking words and phrases like- firstly, secondly, moreover, it is my common belief that, in conclusion etc. This will give your essay a sense of continuity which will attract the reader to read further. 
->> It is always important to keep in mind that an exploratory essay is a combination of an essay with a research work. So, while writing an exploratory essay one must not only conduct the research well but also should express his/her views in a very subjective way.
->> Then in the end, a nice conclusion is of principle importance. The conclusion must include your personal view and should have a summed up idea of the whole essay. It is also important so as to leave no ground for further discussion on the same problem and also to prepare a. exploratory essay which could be considered as complete in itself.
So, follow the above guidelines and show-off your critical thinking and your research ability through your exploratory essay. Explore your abilities to the fullest and let others notice it too.
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