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Anyone studying in Tampa Bay area? - med02
interesting devlopment Sick lol
I don't understand, all these future/prospective study partners just disappear after one post ... entice them by baking a cake or something ...
Ha ha ha. I didn't disappear. I replied with my email address and was constantly checking my mail.
Cake will be a great idea...maybe Thanksgiving dinner.....I will bring pumpkin pie for u both.
@thaper: my apologies, I did not know you were not contacted

@med02: shame on you ...... tsk tsk tsk
LOL Smile
I think med02 already got "sick". I am not required as study partner Wink
Indeed strange .. an individual posts on the forum asking for study partners but does not contact prospective study-mates .... weird things happen on this forum more often than not
Sick he/she never answered my question (previous page) where they are located, so what's the point in contacting them if they are NOT LOCATED WHERE I AM LOOKING FOR A SP? That is the title of my post!!!!!! T Y for your input have a nice day Smile
Oh i see, that is true, pardon the confusion med02.

Let me translate for the rest: Girls/Guys, the thread title clearly states "Tampa Bay Area", so please ensure you are from that area (no exceptions) when you contact med02 as a prospective study partner.
Hey Sick can I hire you as my PR guy? lol
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