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Family Medicine Applicants Gather Here... - diverticulosis
Since I'm applying for family medicine, just thought I would make this thread for all applicants applying for fam med. We can use this thread to discuss rejections, interviews, and everything related to fam med during the season. Good luck to everyone Smile
though i have applied 50 fm prog..but not very hopeful...i hv poor score( all in first attempt including step 3)....need month us exp wth lor...2004 grad though uninterrupted clinical,i just took it as a waste of money....wish u guys all the best.

Now just wait and watch.....

Good luck everyone!
No worries drdatta u never know until u apply, just hope for the best Smile

Hi s_s, good luck to u too. 90% of programs downloaded my app today, now the waiting game begins.
Got an interview!Big Grin
congrats grinder87 do mind sharing which program it is
hi grinder87, can u please tell me from which program did u get interview, mine is 1 rejection from allina health prgm,MN
hi, was wondering if anyone has a list of programs where to apply if u have attempts? trying to figure out from so many programs is taking a lot of time. anyone can u please help. appreciate it, thanks.
Its by skype so wtvr, looks like i also got a rejection too so its going both ways right now
Any more news from FM Applicants so far?
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