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Family Medicine Applicants Gather Here... - diverticulosis
maybe tmr they may send the rejection email, right now i dont feel optimistic, but i am not going to worry too much about it, coz i know the drawbacks in my application.
Physiology333, mine r 231,203,Step2CS 2nd Attempt, Step3 Pass,Need Visa,3 years Australian Experience, 40 weeks US observerships,2 US LORs, 2 Australian LORs.
Yur score r much much better.

waiting for ur response about ur credentials .
i think both of us were typing at same time.Anyway, ur clinical experience is a strong positive factor in ur profile.My friend last yr had the same scores almost like u, but only 2 US LORS, and did not pass step 3 by application time.When compared ur profile is better than mine.Gd luck to you.
and also not everyone has all worthy credentials, after all, it is about picking out better of the lot, that makes them offer us interviews. Nothing is absolutely binding here.This is just my opinion.
I got the supplemental online application from U of M as well. that makes three of us
@physiology- thank you, remain optimistic man! you are more than qualify to get interview from them no matter what statistics say.
Thanks for u'r encouraging words. I think we should not let these rejections get to us .
Gd luck with the form, LOL.
Physiology333, thanks for you kind words!
What specialty did your friend match?
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